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by Divinity Roxx
19 March 2016
#WeAre Strong by Yani

#WeAre Photo Drive – What Does #WeAre represent for You!

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#WeAre Strong by Yani

#WEARE really close to the final mixes for the album and the release of the ‘We Are’ music video and

I would really love to have you guys involved in the release of the video. For 30 days leading up the the video release, we’re going to post pictures of our friends, family and fans promoting the video by holding up a sign that says #WEARE _______.

In that blank space you can write whatever you want, whatever speaks to you. Some people have already sent us pictures with words like #WEARE STRONG, #WEARE LOVE, #WEARE CREATORS.

How ever the WE ARE song speaks to you is how we’d like you to express yourself in your photo.
You can listen to the song here on the Music Player below.

Above are some of the #WeAre photos we’ve received already.

Please be as creative as you’d like, but be sure we can read the sign and that it doesn’t cover your face.

WeAre One..Please send photos to and write #WEARE PHOTO in the subject.

The Song #WEARE is also available for download on iTUNES.

Thank-you in advanced for the creative and cool photos!


view all #WeAre photos here

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