Improv Set with Steve Lawson

03 June 2015

Improvizational Style with Steve Lawson at Kidderminster College

I love spontaneous explorations and freestyle improvisation with good friends. Today, Steve Lawson and I had the honor of combining forces, basses, pedals, loops, beats, and rhymes for a day of exploring the depths of musical conversation with a group of students at Kidderminster College in the UK. We played new arrangements on some of my Roxx Boxx Experience Records, as well as a touching on some of my favorite records like Jaco’s Teen Town and an old classic, The D.I.V.I.N.I.T.Y.

Since I’m in Europe and had some time off before the ‘Triple Bass Treat’ clinic tour with Stu Hamm and Ove Bosche starting June 8th I hopped a plane from Germany over to the UK to hang out with the Master Steve Lawson and explored some of the concepts we’ve been chatting about for the past year. This was the first of many of these kinds of explorations and you never know, the next one might be in your city or a small smokeless club near you.

Very funny little thing. That massive metal cage behind us was actually set up for a dance number the students at the school are rehearsing for but for us it was transformed into a portal through which these fresh and engaging ideas flowed. Now I think we should always play with a massive metal cage with a stripper pole inside it behind us. Now that’s an idea.


Divi and Steve 2


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