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by Divinity Roxx
29 May 2015

Divinity Roxx is the Cover Girl for Bass Guitar Magazine

So, I’m here in Germany getting ready to perform at The Warwick Framus Music Hall and as I walk into the office today, the president of the company, Hans Peter sits this magazine in my lap with me on the cover! We shot this cover for Bass Guitar Magazine while I was in London for the London Bass Guitar Show (LBGS). I am so honored to have this opportunity! I still haven’t read the interview but the big quote they got me on was that I’m a firm believer in practicing on stage. I can not believe I said that out loud!

But its true. When you’re on stage and you’re going for a lick you hit in your practice space, its totally different on stage. That’s where you truly hone your skills, in front of an audience.
That’s my word and I’m sticking to it. Hope you get a chance to check it out! Divinity Roxx Covers Bass Guitar Magazine

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