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by Divinity Roxx
05 June 2016
Divinity Roxx ImPossible Album Cover

Divinity Roxx speaks on “Not Fitting In The Boxx” ImPossible Album Review – No Genre –

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Divinity Roxx ImPossible Album CoverDivinity Roxx
Published by Divinity Roxx · 18 hrs ·

I’ve been posting all of the positive reviews I’ve gotten from my ImPossible album but I have to be honest, they haven’t ALL been positive. There have been some that are just, well, not so great, which is great because that’s what happens with artists. We put ourselves out there and we are judged by others. We are critiqued and criticized, debated about, loved, hated, ignored, whatever. Our music, our photos, our lifestyle, our message, our lives are out there for everybody to see. It is What it Is and we signed up for it. Having said that, I came across this review, and it wasn’t great but I really appreciated it. This is probably the best negative review ever. Everything this guy hated about my CD is, well everything that makes it uniquely me…He held no punches about how awful he thought it was and why. Of course I would disagree with his perspective, but I appreciate it nonetheless…

He said:

“I don’t even know how I would categorize this album by genre. There are elements of funk, caribbean music, hip-hop, reggae, spoken word, rhythm and blues, psychedelic, jazz, pop, and soul (I’m sure there are more too). I also hear a little Beyonce in her music which is understandable since the two have worked together, a little India Arie, and Lauryn Hill more so from her days with the Fugees. It’s like every song on the record has its own completely separate style.”…

The conversation continues in the facebook comments below…

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Divinity Roxx ImPossible Album Cover
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