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by Divinity Roxx
05 February 2015
Divinity Roxx Birthday - A Gift for YOU!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, Here’s a gift for you!

I’ve always loved birthdays, the cake, the candles, the singing, the party and celebration of another year of life. I’ve had enuf celebration to last me the whole year with the #ImPossible European Tour being so much fun so I want to celebrate YOU because without YOU the tour wouldn’t have been possible!

In honor of Fabulous February 5th, which I like to call it, I want to share something near and dear to my heart. THIS is the recording of the song I did with Keith Harris which will be on my upcoming project. This record comes from deep within and I hope you can feel it when you listen. Its called We Are. The lyrics are ” We are what we’ve been waiting for, put your hands in the sky and reach for the stars…”
When I was at UC Berkley, my professor, the late June Jordan asked us if we had two minutes to speak our truth to the world what would we say. Well, this is what I’d say.
We are the only ones who can make a change in this world and heal what we all complain about that’s happening in this world today. The pain and suffering can all be transformed if we can make a small shift within ourselves. I am working hard to make a small shift within myself. Please join me. That is my birthday wish, and that is what I’d like to share with you.

We Are Lyric Video - Divinity RoxxPlease click here and use the password: weareroxxstars to check it out.
We will release it to the public soon.

Thank you for being.

-divinity roxx


view Divinity Roxx - ImPossible European Tour Pics Download We Are by Divinity Roxx

#ImPossible Tour

THANK-YOU: I called it the #ImPossible Tour because oftentimes people will tell you everything that you cannot do, that everything you desire for your life is impossible. Yet, even within that word are the words I’m Possible. I wanted to remind myself of that.

We had a blast! We rocked out! Thanx to Omar Gusmao (guitar) and Stacey Lamont Sydnor (drums) for taking the journey with me trekking over Europe in the cold to bring The Roxx Boxx Experience directly to the people! So many photographers came out and showed us love, capturing some pretty amazing photos. Click the pic above to see some of the live pictures from the tour.

Download “We Are”

Like it? Download it here: If you wanna be able to bump it loud, rock it in the car, turn it up, sing it, play it, share it, get your copy here!



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