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by Divinity Roxx
12 April 2016
Divinity Roxx ImPossible Album Cover

The ImPossible Album by Divinity Roxx is Here!

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Divinity Roxx ImPossible Album release April 19 2016

The ImPossible Album is Here.

PRE-ORDER yours today.

This one is personal.

With features from the legendary Victor Wooten, the intoxicating voice of Anhayla and the powerful Daniel J. Watts, we’ve made musical magic. My boy Babl flew all the way from Belgium to record Rhodes and Piano for this one and his addition was key, (pun intended). Kat Dyson and Omar Gusmao spent some hot days and nights at my house in LA cutting guitar, and I’m basking in the flavor they both bring. Finding the treasure that is Derrick Baskin with those rich and soulful vocals could not have happened at a better time. The way it all came together was as though it was guided by the hand of something otherworldly. Lamar Moore and Julian Litwack kicked it up a notch on drums and guitar, and the band that spent all those hours traveling around Europe in a van locked into our studio sweet spot and laid some really cool ish. We even got a lil bi-lingual with Yani Marin who not only styled the cover but Executive Produced the album. It was definitely a family affair as my mom, niece and nephew lifted their voices and brought it full circle, back home. I can’t help but think my Dad was all up in the mix.

Chris Pinset and Mood Recording provided the perfect studio environment, some proper creative input, the perfect mics and gear and geeky fun stuff and my main man Eric Racy came through in the clutch and blessed me with the final touches on the mix. (I seriously owe Eric my first born, but he won’t take it). Guest producers Reggie Rock and Arch Danger blessed me with some musical gems that even though we started working on years ago sound like the future.

Divinity Roxx ImPossible Album CoverThe album cover was a collaborative effort from two continents. Marc MennigmannSven Kosakowski, (Germany) Sabrina Nelson and Rio (Detroit, USA) did an incredible job portraying a vulnerable yet powerful image, and I thank them for their hard work and dedication

It always seems impossible until you realize ImPossible.

Pre-Order your copy today and lets take this ride.

All love and light,


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Divinity Roxx ImPossible Album Cover
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