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by Divinity Roxx
20 January 2015
Divinity Roxx, Omar Gusmao, Stacey Lamont - ImPossible European Tour

The ImPossible European Tour 2015

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Divinity Roxx - The ImPossible Tour Europe Jan 2015Riding in the back of a European Tour Van headed into show #4 on the ImPossible Euro Tour with Stacey Lamont (drums) and Omar Gusmao (guitar). I called it the ImPossible Tour because its not always easy to believe that you are possible. When you think something is impossible, the idea that it really is possible is right there, staring you in the face. So I’m Possible, and so are you.

I never thought it’d be possible for me to be back in some of the same cities I played with Beyonce in with my own band. As I stared at the O2 arena in Berlin while visiting what remains of The Berlin Wall, I remembered walking out of the 02 a few years ago and taking pictures in front on that wall while touring with her. The other day I took pictures in front of that same wall with two musicians I love and respect very much, and who trusted me enough to take this trip and make this tour possible. The beauty in it all is that it all coincides with this new record I want to share with you.

Yep, finally I’m sharing this song with you. Its so special to me and when you hear it I hope you can feel why. Its called ‘We Are.’ It was inspired by many things. The times we live in are tumultuous to say the least. However, WE are the common denominator in it all, and WE are the only ones who can effect change in these times. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Those are the lyrics to the song in my heart and I hope you like it enough to share it with somebody you know and love…

Please check it out on the new website,

As they say, “we ouchea,” on this road and I hope to see some of you and meet you and laugh and take a picture or two while we’re here.
US dates and the new album is coming soon. I had to put it on hold to rock out these 14 shows in 16 days. I haven’t even had a good chance to add the Victor Wooten, yes Victor Wooten bass parts on the album. So excited.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Waldemar Mantaj

    hallo divi,
    grand pack of wishes a. kisses for your birthday. We are … was so embracing, made good tears in my eyes, love your warm, deep voice and this power behind, and the bass singing, your naturally kind, making photos …. First found you by crossing net music videos about bass players, marked you in “vip-list”, also Victor. Then came your tour date in Karlsuhe (2015-01-19), really small club, people there can t release there brake so easy, but you can make them moving. Thank you so much for this concert. I m looking for other dates in Germany S-W ? And for the CD (march?).
    love a. kisses

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