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by Divinity Roxx
10 June 2015
Triple Bass Treat

Triple Bass Treat Post 2

Yesterday started off a little weird. I think we all felt it. Some days things just flow and the energy is amazing and other days it’s a little awkward. Not really sure what it was but after the first song we started warming up into it and got pretty open on it. I’m really having a good time hanging out with Stu and Ove. They’re very different from each other but really great guys and of course I’m like the little kid (not so little) trying to learn as much as possible. Stu’s iPod is kinda sick with it and I’m trying to convince him to let me copy it. Of course I’m riding in the back of the van (always riding) headed to another city. Today feels like it should be a day off but it won’t be. I’ve been working on my looping on this tour. Haven’t been able to bring out any beats cuz the stages are pretty tiny. We’re playing to small numbers of people at music stores and no one knows what we’re saying so we just play a bunch of tunes as duets and trios and soloists weaving on and off the stage like an intricate web. These are fun cuz we can all experiment with different things we’re working on. Like, every day my solo section is a little different because I’m really working on how I can improve my solo bass stuff. I’m always working to improve everything. Playing with different cats helps and not having a drummer on this definitely puts the groove in the forefront, and if its off its obvious immediately. Listening helps a lot. I like playing with Stu. He has an extensive knowledge of his instrument and he’s a legend so I better soak up as much as I can while I’m here. Ove has me singing on this one tune and its great practice and a real confidence builder cuz I’m not really that comfortable singing live. We just started playing Bob Marley’s ‘Jammin’ in our duo spot and I think its pretty fun. Looking forward to today’s show and what it will bring. Yesterday I was a little scattered cuz I released my Pledge Music Campaign and the internet was wacky so time just kept slippin’ from me. (Great pun cuz Stu and I play ‘Fly Like an Eagle’ during our duo spot). Maybe that’s why things started off a little weird. My head wasn’t in the game but today the game is all I’m thinking about and look, the sun just peeked though the clouds. That’s a good sign. It’s about time it started to at least look like summer out here. Till next time here’s a funny video we recorded when we got to the hotel this morning…

All we’ve been trying to do is watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones though, really….


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