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by Divinity Roxx
08 June 2015
Divinity Roxx with Big Boy Blue

Triple Bass Treat Road Post #1

I’m sitting in the back of a pretty swank van on a gloomy day as we start this journey of shows for the Triple Bass Treat Clinic Tour for Warwick.

Windmills and rolling green hills and beautiful pines line the highway as Stu sleeps and Ove navigates the roads. I’m kinda sleepy and while these seats are super cushy I have a million things on my mind. Not like anybody else doesn’t right? I’m usually thinking about tomorrow but I’ll allow my thoughts to stay in the moment. I would be listening to some music but as soon as I plugged in my Beats By Dre headphones and tried to get my Al Green on, my ears were invaded by squeaky noises and tink tink rhythms. The frustration of buying into what Dre and friends sold many of us on in these over priced ear cans (when I don’t usually fall for that kinda thing) has finally set in. Boo on you guys. Its only been a year and a half and now I’m in the back of a van on my way to play a show and I can’t listen to my Al Green when the weather is begging for me to play some Al Green. Oh well, in ears it is. Digging in my bag and of course I can’t find em. Typical divi. I should work on the newsletter and try to nap. The sky just opened up and the rain is coming down hard. Its perfect time for a nap. My eye lids are heavy but I’m resisting. I may just give in. But I have more work to do.

Come back tomorrow, I’ll tell you how the show went…


-divitriple Bass Treat Music Hall

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