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by Divinity Roxx
14 June 2015

Triple Bass Treat Tour Entry 4: Berlin

I knew Berlin would end up being incredibly awesome and I am not disappointed. From the moment we entered the city, brimming with energy, vibrant and multifaceted, I could feel that this was exactly what we had been waiting for. The sun finally made a debut and we soaked those rays right up as we sat outside the music store waiting for the stage to be set for our hit. We played this place, the American Guitar Shop and although the space was small, we had a great time playing quietly yet energetically. We were really listening to each other and playing off of each other’s ideas, in tune with one another. As Stu said, it was really swinging. And indeed it was. It ended with an incredible Vegan Indian meal. No onions and garlic (I’m allergic). It really couldn’t have been more perfect. Oh. How could I forget the day started off with an incredible massage in Dresden. Oh yeah. Needed that.

Today in Berlin was our first day off since the tour started and I convinced the guys to take The Big Fat Tire Bike Tour thru the streets of the city. That was really nice, riding thru the historical sites, learning about the past and the present and anticipating the future. One of the most powerful stops we made was through the Holocaust Memorial built in 2005 by Peter Eisenmen, the 2711 concrete pillars are pretty powerful and as I was walking through them, time got away from me as I found myself thoroughly immersed in this maze of complex emotions. Stu took a great pic of me in the pillars that I’ll share here along with some others.

I’m pretty tired and dirty but its that good tired, that good dirt. Gonna take a shower and get ready for dinner. Probably gonna take it easy tonight, maybe watch some OITNB. Maybe I’ll write and record a bit as I am working on an album. Looking forward to the rest of the tour. Wasn’t sure what this three piece would be like but all in all its been a great experience and I’m learning a lot about music, life and about myself, which is always a good thing…its time I tore down my own walls.

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Peter Eisenmen Memorial, Berlin



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