Divinity Roxx


Starchild The Ballad of Debbie Walker - One Women Show
“[Divinity Roxx] is a force of nature and her show is one that must be seen”
 -Allen Neuner – Out In Jersey Magazine

Starchild: The Ballad of Debbie Walker, is a one-woman play with music written and performed by Grammy-nominated Artist Divinity Roxx. The show details her early life growing up on the burgeoning Atlanta music scene in the roaring nineties. Divinity mesmerizes audiences with her masterful storytelling recounting her personal relationship with the crack epidemic, Atlanta’s hip-hop history, and the evolution of hip-hop from her earliest musical memory. Topped off with a rock concert, some virtuosic solo bass playing, and live beat-making on stage, every show is sonically unique. Her performances feature her lyrical prowess, powerful singing voice, and compelling stage presence as she adds playwright and actor to her impressive cannon of talents. Throughout the performance, she wields her bass guitar and reminds audiences why she was chosen to tour with the 5-time Grammy award-winning bass-virtuoso Victor Wooten, and hand-picked by Beyoncé to tour with the superstar as bassist and Co-Musical Director for five years. Starchild made its premiere at the Tony Award Winning CrossRoads Theatre in New Brunswick NJ in 2023, directed by Tony-nominated Daniel J. Watts in his directorial debut, and plans to continue captivating audiences around the world.